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Milam Propst and Jackie White travel Georgia, following Sherman's route.
Jackie White takes a break from murder and mayhem to share her love of the helpful plants.
The story of W.L. "Young"Stribling, prizefighter in the 1920s, who lived fast and died tragically young at the age of 28.
Southern murder mystery
Concurrent stories, one in the past and one in present day, of loss and recovery,plus a 150 year old murder mystery.
The story of a Georgia philanthropist
The Story of the Legacy of Emily Fisher Crum and Remer Hamilton Crum
True Crime
The Disappearance of Haley Hardwick
Voodoo, Murder and the Case of Anjette Lyles

A Very Special Gift

An Excerpt

In 1933 while a student at the University of Georgia, Emily Crum was exposed to typhoid fever. The administration acted quickly. Emily and the girl who'd been unlucky enough to spend a night in Helen's bed were immediately quarantined. They were locked in a room in the campus infirmary and allowed no face-to-face contact with anyone else.

Emily was furious. She felt fine. If she were going to contract the disease, she reasoned, she would already be sick -- like Helen was. She was not afraid of getting typhoid, but she was very unhappy at being held prisoner. And she was not about to accept such treatment without a fight. Besides, she had a date Friday night and had no intention of canceling it.

Late Friday afternoon, she slipped out an infirmary window and made her way across campus to her dorm. She found the door to her room had been padlocked, but that barely slowed her down. Using another student's room for access, she climbed out on the roof and crossed to the window of her own room. She went inside, got into an evening dress and telephoned her date. After arranging to meet him away from the dormitory, she retraced her route across the roof and was off for a night out. After that, the administration more or less gave up on the idea of quarantine.
Emily and Remer Crum

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